We know all about pensions

Pension bureau Montae helps pension funds, employers, works councils and public authorities with several topics in the field of pensions. Pensions are and remain a frequently discussed subject. Changing legislation, ageing and economic developments inevitably impact pension schemes. Old schemes, based on sustainable economic growth, cannot be maintained. Change is necessary in order to be able to offer current and future generations of employees a good pension.

But what is a good pension?
Everyone will give a different answer to this question. Consequently, we cannot give an unambiguous advice. Therefore, Montae offers tailor-made solutions in the field of pensions.

Our expertise is strategic advice to pension funds, employers and boards (board support and risk management). But you can also call on us for questions relating to pension legislation or administration.

Adviser for

In our daily advice practice we help several types of customers. These customers all have their specific questions and issues. A pension fund, for instance, is confronted with questions about the execution of the pension schemes and the future of the fund. An employer, on the other hand, is faced with questions about the new pension scheme for his employees. Our primary client groups are pension funds, employers, works councils and the government.

Pension funds

Managing a pension fund makes high demands on board members. In our daily practice we regularly come across the following questions:

  • What is the optimal organization of tasks and responsibilities for our fund?
  • How can we further increase our effectiveness as a board?
  • Are the stakeholders of the fund aware of the risks they run?
  • What are the most attractive future scenarios for the fund? Remain independent? Join an industry pension fund? Join a general pension fund?
  • How do we ensure that we devote most of our time to the most important topics?
  • How do we implement the new Financial Supervisory Framework for our fund?
  • Is the way in which we implement our integrity policy solid enough?
  • What are our communication beliefs and how do we translate those effectively into practice for our fund?

Pension funds are increasingly approached as financial institutions. Board members make higher demands on themselves. Employers and participants are looking for the added value of the fund. Legislation and rules are changing. In addition to these dynamic circumstances, managing the fund requires ongoing attention. Contributions are collected, assets invested, pension benefits paid out and information communicated. This makes high demands on boards and their support bureaus. We help boards to bear these responsibilities by guiding them through the management process, by offering advice and by implementing activities.

Montae facilitates pension funds from full board support to ad hoc support.

If you would like to know how we can be of help, please contact Margo Lelieveld or Sander Baars.


As an employer you are often the main contact for your employees with respect to pensions. Montae helps employers in offering an appropriate pension scheme.

What is the influence of adapting the tax framework on our pension scheme? How can we control the costs of our pension scheme? Which other possibilities are currently available to offer my employees a good pension?

These are only some of the complex pension issues with which employers may be confronted and that demand a considerable part of your time.

Montae helps employers who seek outside assistance in handling strategic HR issues. We help employers with:

  • Guiding ‘paths towards a future pension scheme’
  • Acting as adviser to the employer in negotiation with the trade unions
  • Guiding the implementation process of a new scheme.

Do you wish to know more about how we can support you as employer in your pension issues?

If you would like to know how we can be of help, please contact Vandena van der Meer or Hans Kennis.

Works councils

As a member of a works council you may be confronted with a question to give your consent to a change in the pension scheme. In addition to a change in the current pension scheme, a works council may have to deal with the following requests for consent:

  • Approval for increasing the retirement age;
  • Adjustment of the pension accrual;
  • Consent to transfer the pensions to another provider;
  • Consent to merge with another pension fund;
  • Or a change of the entire pension scheme.

Through the years the topic pensions has become more complex rather than easier. Montae regularly helps works councils, pension councils or accountability bodies to understand the proposals that they receive from an employer or pension fund. In order to formulate a good and well-founded advice for your employer or the pension fund, we find it important that you understand what is being proposed to you.

Do you wish to know more about how we can support you as works council, pension council or accountability body?

If you would like to know how we can be of help, please contact Vandena van der Meer or Henry van Eck.